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"I attended my first yoga class last week at the Zen Den, after practicing on my own for a few years. I have been to two more classes since (3, in one week!), so it's safe to say I am hooked. Always checking the calendar and counting down until I get to go back. Great instructors, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. LOVE IT."

Erin Caswell

"Many people have certificates to teach Pilates or a style of yoga. That does not mean he or she can teach. Kriss Young CAN teach! The Zen Den is a great resource for those of us over 50 as well."

Mark Curtis

"Kriss has been teaching a private group gentle beginner yoga class for me & several of my friends. It's one of the best parts of my week!"

Heather Elia

"Enjoyed the matpilates class last night! Kriss is an amazing and very knowledgeable Pilates instructor for all levels of experience. Loved the ambiance of the Zen Den. Wished I lived closer to practice more yoga and Pilates at this studio."

Kristen Johnson

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